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Art and Technology


See Through Café

Art and Technology

Live @Rua Red, Tallaght: November 6, 2021. 4 pm

Due to Covid regulation, places are limited and booking is required.

This month we speak to Yasky, a poet and programmer. He speaks to us on balancing the life between an artist and a scientist, the connection between art and technology in his world and how he merges both.

The See Through Café is a free and open space where we allow to flourish conversations about art and diversity in and across Ireland, through the eyes of artists and art enthusiasts. The See Through Café is curated by members of the WeareGriot Collective: Dagogo Hart, Felispeaks and Samuel Yakura. It is presented in collaboration with Rua Red and supported by Creative Ireland South Dublin and South Dublin County Arts Office.

Meet the guest


As a poet, Yasky writes and performs poetry in all forms. Yasky writes both traditional, and experimental poetry forms. In 2017, he wrote 45 new poems in 45 different poetry forms. Throughout 2018, he wrote 365 new pieces of poetry published on Instagram. Yasky is a 3-time slam finalist, and a part of the Abuja Literary Society.

As a person, Yasky is intrigued with the human experience. He is author of Whispers: a newsletter which pays attention to the little voice, the gentle thought, the subliminal truth we all know, but sometimes forego.

As a programmer, Yasky builds systems. He started by building web systems. Now he builds software for networking. He’s interested in the decentralized future of the web, promised with the new Web 3 technologies.



Felispeaks is a Nigerian-Irish Poet, Performer, Playwright from Co. Longford.
As well as being a member of the Dublin City Council’s Culture Company Advisory Panel; Joined 2018, Felispeaks is a member of the Board of Members for Poetry Ireland; appointed June 2020.

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