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The role of arts in multicultural societies


See Through Café

The role of arts in multicultural societies

Premiere: June 12, 2021. 6 pm

Online - Free

In this month’s See Through Cafe we speak to Claudia Hoareau about the role of arts in a growing multicultural society such as Ireland and how we can use the arts and its mediums for growth, inclusivity and diversity.

The See Through Café is a free and open space where we allow to flourish conversations about art and diversity in and across Ireland, through the eyes of artists and art enthusiasts. The See Through Café is curated by members of the WeareGriot Collective: Dagogo Hart, Felispeaks and Samuel Yakura. It is presented in collaboration with Rua Red and supported by Creative Ireland South Dublin and South Dublin County Arts Office.

Meet the guest

Claudia Hoareau

Claudia is a speaker and artist with over a decade of experience working in inclusion, anti racism and hateful behaviour. She is of mixed Kenyan, Irish and Creole ethnicity. She believes in the power of the arts as a transformative tool and is passionate about curating spaces for learning through conversation.

samuel yakura

The host - Samuel Yakura

Samuel Yakura is a Nigerian Born Poet and Performing Artist residing in Ireland. From co-curating the Waterford Speakers corner poetry gig, one of the new summer events for Summer in the city, Waterford, to winning the #1 Talkatives Slam Competition in Dublin put together by Boundless and Bare, Slightmotif and Wearegriot, he’s been buzzing in the art scene.
Towards the end of 2019, he featured among the 6 Poets shortlisted for Poetry Ireland’s Versify 2019 which was an Initiative to offer Spoken-word Poets mentoring and practical guidance around their work through intensive workshops and showcase with renowned Poets as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival 2019.
He is a member of WeareGriot, a poetry collective consisting of himself, Dagogo Hart & Felicia Olusanya – curating poetry/rap events – Talkatives, and writing plays for Stage Productions with their newest work DEITIES underway.

He is passionate about spoken word/Performance Poetry and strongly believe it is todays re-evolution from page poetry to engage Society’s narratives and the human condition in ways only the Arts have potential to, and he’s committed to giving his voice to the cause..

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