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The Visual Artist and Entrepreneurship in Ireland

see through cafe

See Through Café

The Visual Artist and Entrepreneurship in Ireland

Premiere: May 15, 2021. 6 pm

Online - Free

In this month’s See Through Cafe we speak to Mercy Fulani, founder, and creative brain behind MFula designs. She speaks to us about the peaks and troughs of entrepreneurship as an artist and navigating the space of being creative as well as being business-minded. She discusses the impact of choosing to pursue art as a career in her community and the pressures that come with it.

The See Through Café is a free and open space where we allow to flourish conversations about art and diversity in and across Ireland, through the eyes of artists and art enthusiasts. The See Through Café is curated by members of the WeareGriot Collective: Dagogo Hart, Felispeaks and Samuel Yakura. It is presented in collaboration with Rua Red and supported by Creative Ireland South Dublin and South Dublin County Arts Office.

Meet the guest

Mercy Fulani

Mercy Fulani is the hands behind MFula Designs.
MFula Designs was officially established in March of 2020. Her creativity stemmed from a young age on the back of her mother’s work notepads, which grew into doodles on her mock exam papers and today transitioned to being fairly handy with a graphics tablet. She specialises in, but not limited to, digital design. Her creativity has always been a means of expressing herself. Art is limitless, which is one of many reasons her love and appreciation of it will never go away. Being able to showcase her talent by bringing people’s vision to life has been an amazing achievement, and one she hopes to continue for a long time.

Mercy Fulani
Felispeaks . Contatto. Photographed by Elena Cristofanon

The host - Felispeaks

Felispeaks is a Nigerian-Irish Poet, Performer, Playwright from Co. Longford.
As well as being a member of the Dublin City Council’s Culture Company Advisory Panel; Joined 2018, Felispeaks is a member of the Board of Members for Poetry Ireland; appointed June 2020.

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