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16-17 February 2024 Tallaght

A Festival without borders.

Mother Tongues Festival is the largest festival celebrating linguistic diversity through the arts in Ireland. Its mission is to showcase the country’s rich artistic and cultural tapestry, and connect people through the power of language.
The Festival encourages everyone to colour outside the lines, learn something new and have fun while celebrating their mother tongue and the rich kaleidoscope of languages spoken in Ireland. Year after year, our Festival demonstrates that multilingualism is a reason to come together and celebrate. 

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Uccellina's Way

Over the course of their two-week residency, artists Pietro Floridia and Sara Pour shared the story of Uccellina (little bird), symbolising the aspirations of displaced children to find refuge and access education in a secure environment. Through their collaborative work with local schools Scoil Aoife Community National School and Firhouse Educate Together Secondary School, Cantieri Meticci brought this inspiring tale to life, amplifying marginalised voices and shedding light on the challenges faced by displaced communities worldwide. 

The artworks created by the children were displayed in a gorgeous exhibition at the South Dublin Arts Centre, carrying a message of solidarity and inclusion, reaffirming our commitment to fostering empathy and understanding within our diverse society.
Through initiatives like the Uccellina installation, the Mother Tongues Festival continues to serve as a platform for dialogue, reflection, and cultural exchange, inspiring individuals and communities to embrace the richness of linguistic and cultural diversity

Creativity and Multilingualism

An engaging exploration of Creativity and Multilingualism, organised in collaboration with Trinity College’s School of Education, at the Mother Tongues Festival. Watch it back, with ISL interpreting.

Like Grandparents in Fairytales

The launch of the photographic exhibition “Like Parents in Fairytales” was attended by Mayor Cllr Alan Edge and the Romanian Ambassador, H.E. Mr Laurentiu Mihai Stefan. Talking about this exhibition, Dr La Morgia not only honoured the grandparents and children portrayed in the photographs but also emphasised the role of families as custodians of cultural heritage and guardians of heritage languages and shared traditions. Moreover, Dr La Morgia underscored the festival’s ethos of unity in diversity, inspiring everyone to embrace their heritage and share their unique stories with pride and dignity. The speeches of Curator Natalia Luncaș Ionel and photographer Vlad Bodarev were very moving, highlighting how deeply this project touched their lives.

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Are you a language lover? Are you interested in the arts? Would you like to join our busy team during the most multicultural festival in Ireland? We are waiting for you!


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Mother Tongues Festival is one of Ireland’s most diverse and dynamic initiatives.
Our goal is to create a space that fosters belonging and celebrates linguistic and cultural identities through education and the arts and so far we have been able to engage more than 1,000 children and 100 artists in our programmes.
The next 12 months are key for us to deliver our programmes. We need your help to welcome communities to create, enjoy and share culture and creativity. We want to nurture the next generation of artists. We want to continue to come together through creativity. We want to provide some joy to help us through feelings of isolation and loss and to make migrant families feel at home in Ireland.


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