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We stand up against racism

We stand up against racism

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Whilst more and more Irish organisations work to combat racial discrimination, it’s still clear that we are far from equality.

Since 1960, March 21st has been declared the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination globally, following the Apartheid regime’s police open fire at a peaceful demonstration of equality and killed 69 Black people against apartheid laws in South Africa. The day remains an important date that we mark at Mother Tongues as a statement to encourage us all to stand up against racism and continue to support all those that are affected by it.

In 2021 the UN chose the theme ‘Youth standing up against racism’, with a dedicated #FightRacism hashtag. Young people in 2020 showed their solidarity and stood up against racial injustice with global marches. On social media, they called out their family and friends to speak louder and speak out! It has also been highlighted by the United Nations that “COVID-19 has heavily impacted young people, including those from minority backgrounds. Many are now grappling with an increase in racial discrimination, in addition to severe disruptions to their education; diminished employment prospects; and limited ability to participate in public life, which stymies their individual and social empowerment“.

Distinct Afro. Mother Tongues Festival 2020. 22-23 February, Tallaght, Dublin.
Distinct Afro. Mother Tongues Festival 2020. 22-23 February, Tallaght, Dublin.Photography Victor Mora

How Do We Start Eliminating Racial Discrimination?

  • Recognise that regardless of accent, language, nationality and skin tone, we are all deserving the same respect and rights, and stand against anything that opposes that.
  • Educate yourself on issues related to bias, racism and discrimination in your own society.
  • Consider the inclusion and safety of others in all situations and actively implement policies that protect those that are prone to racial discrimination and abuse.
  • Support those that are prone or suffering from racial discrimination.
  • Have conversations with children on addressing racial biases.

    At Mother Tongues Festival we root our mission and values in celebrating and fostering cultural diversity and challenging stereotypes and biases. However, there is still a lot we need to learn and improve on and we are constantly challenging our practices and relationships in order to be true to our values.
    We encourage you all to take part online with the hashtag #YoungPeopleAgainstRacism and #FightRacism and to make active decisions to support and protect those that suffer from racial discrimination at work, at school, at home and in society.

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