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Uccellina's Way

Artists In Residence & Interactive Installation

February 5-17, 2024





The culmination of this residency will be marked by an installation showcasing the creative works of the young participants, in Rua Red Art Centre on Saturday, February 17th

All welcome, no booking required

2 to 5 pm

@ Rua Red Art Centre

Cantieri Meticci, a collective of artists based in Bologna, is led by director/writer Pietro Floridia and visual artist/designer Sara Pour. During their residency at the Mother Tongues Festival, they will actively engage with community participants, collaborating with students from St Aoifes National School and Firhouse Educate Together School.

Together, they will embark on an exploration of the story of Uccelina (Little Bird), a fable crafted by Afghan children in a refugee camp in Croatia. Uccelina symbolises their aspirations to transform into birds and soar to a secure place where they can attend school.

The culmination of this residency will be marked by an installation showcasing the creative works of the young participants, set to take place in Rua Red, Tallaght on Saturday, February 17.


Meet the artists

Cantieri Meticci

Cantieri Meticci is an artistic collective comprising members from over twenty countries across the globe. In Bologna, they have been conducting workshops for several years, blending diverse art forms and people. Their philosophy centers on the belief that to create something genuinely innovative, one must explore and cultivate uncharted territories. Consequently, they engage in activities within suburban neighborhoods, schools, reception centers, small community libraries, and parishes. Cantieri Meticci serves as a platform to bring together and integrate individuals from varied backgrounds, all united by a shared passion for theater and a strong political commitment to artistic activism. Their members include refugees, migrants, young artists, citizen activists, university students, researchers, teachers, musicians, and more. The collective produces performances showcased not only in major Italian festivals like Volterra, Lampedusa, and Pozzallo but also internationally in countries such as France, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Brazil and Iran.

Cantieri Meticci, Mother Tongues Festival at the Firhouse Educate Together School. 6th February 2024. Photography Elena Cristofanon

Pietro Floridia

Pietro Floridia, a director and playwright, steered the Teatro dell’Argine from 1994 before establishing the multi-ethnic ensemble Cantieri Meticci in 2012. Within this dynamic company, he both writes and directs an array of shows, installations, and workshops. Floridia has crafted a distinctive participatory art method, seamlessly blending the creation of texts and images. His directorial ventures have extended across more than 30 countries globally. In recent years, Floridia’s interests focus mainly on the invention of artistic installations tailored for public spaces.

Sara Pour

Sara Pour is a visual artist, illustrator, set designer and sculptor. She gained recognition through her collaboration with the reputable Iranian publishing house Shabaviz, where she illustrated children’s books.
Upon relocating to Italy, Sara broadened her artistic horizons, engaging in participatory art projects along European borders. Her diverse portfolio includes collaborations with Italian and international cultural institutions.
She has contributed to public spaces through impactful installations, crafted sets for theatrical productions, and conducted workshops and performances at prestigious European theaters, including the French National Scene “Le Channel” in Calais, the KVS Theater in Brussels, and the Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw.

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