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Go Beyond Language

A workshop focused on multilingual performance

February 17, 2024

@ Rua Red, Tallaght

from 10 am to 6 pm

full day workshop

Professional Development






teatro multilingue

This professional development programme will focus on the theme of multilingual performance. It will enhance participants’ skills in drama-based methodologies that foster language development, inclusion and well-being.
The programme will be interdisciplinary and will be open to all socially engaged arts practitioners who are interested in working in multilingual contexts. The workshop will be facilitated by two coaches of Teatro Multilingue, Flavio Marigliani, actor and director, and Marta Iacopini, actress and drama coach.

With this workshop, we propose an exploration of language (physical and verbal) to investigate the various levels of communication through improvisation and acting techniques. The aim is to go beyond words and get to the emotional reality behind the literal meaning of the text by working on all the possible combinations of language patterns: real, invented, “native” and “foreign.”

The short text that will guide us through the work – a short play from the company’s repertory – will also deal with the social concerns and issues connected to the use of a “foreign” tongue in a determined context. We will remove the “foreign” perception and obstacles in order to create a positive resolution through theatre.

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Meet the artists

Teatro multilingue

Teatro Multilingue is the one and only company creating multilingual shows for theatre and cinema. Multilingual means that several languages are used naturally and organically within the same script. However, thanks to the format used, there’s no need to know all of them to follow the story and understand.
Founded in 2020, Teatro Multilingue has performed in London, Bristol, Madrid, Roma, Milano, Luxembourg and France.
The two trainers for this professional development workshop are Flavio Marigliani, actor and director, and Marta Iacopini, actress and drama coach.
Flavio is one of the founders of Teatro Multilingue and has acted in and/or directed most of the shows of the company, also playing Arlecchino in one of our latest shows revisiting the Commedia dell’Arte. Marta joined the company back in 2022, while continuing her career in TV, cinema and theatre. She specialises in social theatre and professional counselling. The workshop has already become part of the Abroad Acting Experience of “The Seventh Art Acting Academy” from Athens, Greece, when they travel to Rome every year.

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This event is supported by

Mother Tongues Festival

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