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Growing Thoughts & Hanging Wishes

A place for growing thoughts, exploring words and sharing wishes, in every language!

18th of Feb, from 10 am

@Rua Red, Tallaght

Interactive Installation

For all ages


Any language

Please note:

Children must be under the supervision of an accompanying adult at all times.

There are words that have no equivalent in other languages and it can be difficult sometimes to describe what you mean in a different culture. Sometimes it is hard to share your feelings, thoughts and wishes, no matter what the language! Growing Thoughts & Hanging Wishes is based around the ancient Irish custom of the Raggedy Tree or Wish Tree, where people would hang cloth, ribbons and notes on Hawthorn trees (that were believed to be magical or holy) containing their thoughts, wishes and hopes – sometimes just one word, a name or even a drawing. 
As the thought and paper disintegrate, the wishes are said to come true!

The tree installation will be created onsite by artist Raffaele Muraca. Everybody is invited to add their thoughts and wishes to the tree in their own language, writing on paper leaves or bits of cloth.
What words do you want to share with your community and family? What is your wish for them?

Meet the artist

Raffaele Muraca

Raffaele is a Prop Maker and Art Facilitator. He worked in Italy as an Educator for teenage refugees specialising in art and cultural activities projects to bring students together. In 2014, he moved to Ireland to work on community art projects, facilitate prop-making workshops, perform, and make props and floats for Irish parades, festivals, theatres, and video productions. Recently, his curiosity for the different aspects of art led him to work in community Street Art festivals and Augmented Reality projects aimed to animate the walls in Waterford. During the pandemic, he worked on a personal artistic project on transforming emotions into visual installations, interpreting childhood trauma and ways to deal with it through art.

This event is funded by

Mother Tongues Festival

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