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Building Community through Creative Multilingualism

Opening event

16th of Feb, 3.30 pm

@Rua Red, Tallaght

Building Community through Creative Multilingualism. Mother Tongues Festival 2023.

Join us for a roundtable discussion on themes of creativity, multilingualism and community building. The conversation will be moderated by Assistant Dean International at the University of Limerick, Dr Anca Minescu, an expert in the field of ethnic relations, cultural diversity and group identities. Dr Minescu will be joined by artists and other academics to discuss why artistic communities, policy makers and government bodies need to embrace multilingualism through creative means, and how this can be done.
This discussion will be followed by a participatory Workshop exploring the topic of multilingualism and the arts at a grassroots level.

A reception event will follow at 5.30 pm marking the beginning of the Mother Tongues Festival and the launch of our 2023 Spotlight publication, featuring national and international artistic and creative projects that embrace multilingualism.


Dr Anca Minescu

Assistant Dean International in Ethnic Relations at University of Limerick


Nisha Tandon

Founder and Director of Arts Ekta in Belfast, one of the first organisations on the island of Ireland promoting ethnic arts, culture and heritage since 2006.

Anna Ní Ghallachair

Chairperson to the Board of Údarás na Gaeltachta. Lecturer in French, German and Irish and Director of the Language Centre in Maynooth University until retirement in 2021.

Hala Jabar

Dr Hala Jaber is a Palestinian community musician. She obtained her PhD at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick in 2020,examining community music approaches and best practice when working in the context of post-conflict migration.

Oein De Bharduin

Oein DeBhairduin is an Irish Traveller activist, educator, and writer with a passion for preserving the beauty of Traveller stories and language. He is the co-founder of LGBT Tara (Traveller and Roma Alliance).

Mother Tongues Festival

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