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Premiere May 17, 8 pm

“Yo no soy de aquí, pero tú tampoco. De ningún lado del todo, y de todos lados un poco” I am not from here, but neither are you. I am fully from nowhere , and a little from everywhere. This song reminds us of who we are, nomads, a migratory species in case we forget.

Rather Gather in collaboration with Mother Tongues Festival have worked around the restrictions to bring together creatively musicians and interdisciplinary artists:
Cuthbert Arutura Tura, Ales Bajgart, Romi Cruañas, Jose Dominguez, Marcello Fidelis, Karina Garcia, Robert Harvey, Sebastian Jezzi, Alvean Jones, Ines Khai, Eduardo Noguera, Pache, Carole Sauer, Márcio Tarktarov. Find out more about the artists.

We proudly present a cover version of the song Movimiento. Originally written by Uruguayan musician Jorge Drexler, the song emerged from his TED Talk: poetry music and identity. It explores the inherent quality of human nature: being in constant movement.

In the era of 5ks and stay at homes, the video shines a light on how this time has been for artists. How can we explore our cultural power isolated from each other, missing the opportunity of sharing emotions and feelings together. For over a year now, we’ve been unable to experience togetherness in live concerts, festivals, performances. How can we touch and inspire audiences apart?

This video in Spanish, Irish Sign Language and Gaeilge, subtitled in English to express a fusion of cultures, languages and identities. A message of unity and hope that we can still move, connect and feel togetherness even when apart. Irish Translation by Pádraig Ó Liatháin.

rather gather

Romi Cruañas

Romi Cruañas is an intersectional, interdisciplinary Artist and arts worker. One of her areas of expertise is connecting artists and ideas from different backgrounds in new and inclusive ways. She is the co-founder of Rather Gather and has collaborated on intercultural projects with Mother Tongues Festival, Five Lamps Arts Festival, Chinese New Year Festival and more. Through her work, she advocates for practices that focus on cross-cultural collaboration and understanding. As a polyglot, she is also very interested in embodiment and choreography for storytelling that transcends the text.

Romi Cruañas. Contatto. Photographed by Elena Cristofanon
Ales Bajgart -

Ales Bajgart

Ales Bajgart is a Czech bass and guitar player for over 25 years. During this period he has been playing in many music bands and groups, in various musical genres but primarily Jazz fusion and Blues. In the Czech Republic, he was one of the founders of the famous regional jazz band Lady Betka, which performed at concerts and festivals for more than a decade. Ales also performed for over two years as a stage musician in the Slovácko Theatre in Uherské Hradiště (Czech Republic) in the plays “Some Like It Hot” and “Wild Years”. He has spent the last few years as a session musician, contributing to studio recordings and tours. He is currently a member of the Dublin-based jazz/folk band Crow Airport, and The Incognito Brothers.

Alvean Jones

Alvean Jones is a well-known member of the Deaf Community, serving on a multitude of committees and involvement with adult and continuing education as an administrator and past tutor. She has been a member of the Dublin Theatre of the Deaf since 1994 serving as an actor, writer and director. Alvean worked with Coogan as a researcher, dramaturge and performer in 2017 at the Peacock in “Talk real fine just like a lady”, 2014 in “You told me to Wash and Clean my Ears”. She is also secretary of the Deaf Heritage Centre Ireland. In 2016 Alvean co-edited “Through the Arch”, a written history of St Mary’s School for Deaf Girls to celebrate its 170th anniversary. She is currently working on an Anthology of Irish Deaf History, due to be published in 2021. She has also made several videos translating historical articles and covering Irish Deaf history into Irish Sign Language.

Alvean Jones. Photography Elena Cristofanon for Mother Tongues Festival 2021
Carole Sauer

Carole Sauer

Carole Sauer is a French actor, mime, clown, dancer based in Ireland. She is mostly known for her physical performances in short films like “Double Betrayal”, portraying Lucia Joyce, James Joyce’s daughter, and she is also known for her physical comedy sketches in Bewley’s Café Theatre.

Ines Khai

Ines Khai comes from Guadeloupe, which is a group of islands of the Eastern Caribbean sea. Her native language is Creole, which is also the language in which she sings her songs. Her music tells stories about living in exile, crossing oceans and taking new steps as well as going through the ups and downs in life. Over the years she has collaborated with a wide variety of highly regarded musicians. Her music is deeply rooted in the rich culture and the traditions of her country. Her latest album, Pitit a Lanmè, was released in February 2020. Ines is sure to seduce her audience with her incredible vocal range, her soulful voice and her unique guitar style.

Ines Khai by David Manning
Sebastian Jezzi

Sebastian Jezzi

Sebastian Jezzi is a music teacher, drummer and composer from Argentina. Sebastian graduated with honours from Newpark Music Centre with Ronan Guilfoyle as the Head Music Director and also obtained a Bachelor Degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance in 2016. His performing experience is vast, varying from singing in a renaissance choir to playing in a circus band. Sebastian is also a drum teacher, a coach in RockJam and an organizer of workshops that teaches percussion and ukulele in various schools in Dun Laoghaire through Music Generation DLR. Sebastian believes that music has the power to make people’s lives better and is passionate about inclusion and well-being in society. Sebastian has run multiple workshops and music classes catered towards children and teenagers with special needs and I have been lucky to have the opportunity to also work in institutions and schools with children and teenagers with special needs.

Jose Dominguez

Jose Dominguez has been playing guitar for over 25 years. Over the years his love of Mexican, Cuban, Brazilian and Flamenco music has come to influence his Spanish style of playing. This mix of Latin guitar accompanied by gentle singing creates a relaxed atmosphere. José’s experience playing in restaurants and receptions allows him to tailor his music to the mood of the occasion, providing enjoyment for all listening. Jose blends the addictive rhythms of South American traditions with the Moorish influences of Andalucía in Southern Spain. Creating a tapestry of sound that evokes the mystery of the unknown. He fuses world music with both funk and rock to create an eclectic mix. The Spanish influence in the music is strong being an Andalusian guitarist. His skill in arranging and interest in advanced rhythmic concepts adds to his unique sound.

Jose Dominguez
Katerina García, by Beta Bajgart

Katerina García

Katerina García is a Czech-Spanish singer born in Prague, raised in Barcelona and currently living in Ireland. Katerina began to sing Irish traditional music in the band ‘Celtic Rej’, in 1997. In 1998 she co-founded the Prague-based band ‘Dún an Doras’, with which she recorded the albums Bossa Nudski (1999), Demo 2002, Sweet & Sour (2003) and Rua (2005). From 2001 she has been collaborating with Czech multi-instrumentalist and renowned banjo player Lubos Malina. From 2006 until 2013 they performed in the band ‘Garcia’ with albums Woven Ways (2007) and Before Dawn (2010) obtaining nominations in the Czech Anděl music awards. Alongside American producer and guitarist Steve Walsh, a cross-genre musical project based on the work of Czech poet Věra Provazníková is being created and launching in 2021. In 2013 she co-founded ‘Kon Sira’, releasing the album Kon Sira: Songs from the Sephardic Tradition, including song material collected by Katerina during academic research.

Marcello Fidelis

Marcello Fidelis moved from Brazil to Dublin in 2017, where he began working as a comedian, writer, performer and singer. He created, in association with Pedro Guerra Ribeiro, the comedy night “Comedians Without Borders”, with the main objective of bringing more diversity to the Dublin Comedy scene, with a focus on foreign comedians and audiences. He has performed at the Free Dublin at Festival of 2019, as well as being part of Cruañas’ play ‘Mind the Gap’. He also closed “True Stories Told Live – Lisbon”, by Lisbon Digital Nomads, where he made people laugh and cry with his performance. He also had a Feature Slot at The Circle Sessions, performing his poetry and spoken words. He has also acted on a few commercials, like Jameson, Heineken, Hunky Dorys and his face is currently on display near O’Connell Street/Bridge for BusTour. He is currently studying Film & Creative Media on DBS.

Marcello Fidelis
Mårcio Tarktarov

Mårcio Tarktarov

Mårcio Tarktarov is a Brazilian percussionist living in Dublin, Ireland, Sharing Brazilian rhythms with the world.


Pache was born in Argentina in 1975. She has been singing Tango and Argentinian Folklore since she was just a child. She then moved on to focus on dance in particular Ballet and Contemporary. She lived in Madrid, Ibiza and she now lives in Dublin. Pache now sings Tango to share the beauty and depth of her roots.

Dr Robert Harvey

Dr Robert Harvey

Dr Robert Harvey is a seven times All-Ireland Champion, flautist from Co. Laois. Robert was selected by Donal Lunny as flute player for the TG4 series “Lorg Lunny”, which resulted in the formation of the band Ciorras. In 2020, Robert released his solo flute album ‘Feochán’ produced by Jiggery Pokery Productions. In 2019, Robert played the part of ‘Frank the Robin’ in Universal Studio’s ‘The Christmas Letter’ narrated by Kate Winslet and also features in the RTÉ produced animated children’s show ‘Peak Zoo’ as well as the recently released CD ‘Songs of Zelda: A Link to the Celts’. Robert has also toured internationally with the Katerina Garcia Band, The National Folk Orchestra, the Traditional Arts Collective, among others. Robert is currently coordinating a project on behalf of Comhaltas Ceoltoirí Éireann, exploring the recorded history of whistling in traditional Irish music.

Cuthbert Arutura

Cuthbert Arutura is a Zimbabwean national, living in Ireland for nearly 30 years. As an accomplished communicator, artist and political commentator, he has been an active proponent of cultural and cross-cultural activities in Ireland, the UK and Europe. He is also a Gaelic speaker and dancer, with a deep interest in all aspects of Gaelic culture. As a regular presenter for BBC Northern Ireland & RTE in the Republic of Ireland on artistic and cultural subjects, he won the 2002 Broadcasting Diversity Award for Different Worlds. In 1994 he founded the African Cultural Centre (NIACC) for the improvement of African lives in Northern Ireland as part of the Peace & Reconciliation Cross Community process. Cuthbert promoted the changes happening in Zimbabwe, advocating for President Mnangagwa’s vision, experience and trust of the people to turn the country around economically. Cuthbert is now working closely with James and Michael Nelson, planning an economic revival of Zimbabwe.

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