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In & Out

In & Out

IntegrART was launched as a means to create connections: the will to bring people together during these long months affected by the pandemic, which has forced us to slow down our activities but did not stop us. We put an effort, like everyone else, into adapting to the new circumstances.
From this effort to adapt, we created an online project called “In&Out”

In & Out has the goal to create a story through images, this story documents how those who came to Ireland for a better life (In) and those who left it for the same reasons (Out), are connected by common conditions and sentiments. We chose from all of these sentiments the one that seemed to be the common thread, that brings us back to what we left behind: nostalgia.

The question that guides the story is one: “What do you miss the most about your country?”. The answer is given by the pictures submitted by the participants.

The picture can represent a place, a food, an object, people (with the implicit authorization to be published) and is followed by a short description of it, as well as the name of the participant, the country of provenience, and the country they live in at the moment. All the applications are submitted via e-mail to
IntegrART’s founders have started this project but they hope to also receive your contribution to create a small collection that brings us all together, as nowadays we are all migrants in a way or another.

IntegrART is an association (Associazione di promozione sociale) based in Italy that promotes social engagement and it focuses on social inclusivity of vulnerable subjects through the arts: painting, photography, theatre, writing, music and story- telling.

To reach their goals, they organize courses, workshops and projects in schools, museums, libraries and other cultural settings.

IntegrART wants to act as a mobile incubator of direct connection between the excellencies and the vulnerable people, prevalently women and immigrants.

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Join us, as we celebrate Ireland’s rich artistic and linguistic diversity with plenty of thrilling events and workshops from dumpling making to clowning practices for all ages.
Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Mother Tongues Festival 2021

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