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Naghali – Ancient Persian Theatre Stories


Ancient Persian Theatre Stories

26th Feb, drop-in from 12 pm

@Rua Red, Tallaght

Live Persian music, storytelling, visual art

Age: 7+


English and Persian

Booking required. 

ancient persian theatre

Join us in this unique and special interactive live performance. We invite you to paint while listening to the mythical stories of Zal, Simurgh and Rudabeh, accompanied by Persian music.
“Naghali” is an ancient performance, a combination of storytelling, music and painting for family audiences. This is one of the oldest forms of Persian traditional theatre.

The performer – the “Naqqāl” – recounts stories in verse or prose, accompanied by gestures and movements, and sometimes instrumental music with illustrated stories on the wall. This art form is the national epic of Greater Iran. The stories are both mythical and historical, centered around the Persian Empire before Islam. These stories are celebrated in Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan.

Come and experience this historic performance with your family!

Meet the artists

Roxana Manouchehri

Roxana Manouchehri is a visual artist and curator. She has been teaching art and giving talks and workshops since 1995, in various universities in Tehran, Seoul and Dublin, including Trinity College, the Chester Beatty collection, Open House Dublin, Irish museum of Modern Art and the Mother Tongues Festival.
Roxana has had more than 50 group exhibitions internationally and 17 solo exhibitions in Tehran, Seoul, Dubai, Madrid, Munich, London, Brussels, Rauma and Dublin, including the RHA and the Kevin Kavanagh Gallery. Her main interest is drawing, in which she is skillful in geometrical patterns, reverse painting on glass/mirror and Arabesque patterns.

Insaf Yalcinkaya

Insaf Yalcinkaya is a poet, writer and visual artist. In 2021, she displayed both ceramic & text work in “Sinterella” at Glór in Ennis. She also created a short film for the “Maternal Gaze” project at IMMA. Yalcinkaya is a member of the Art Nomads artist collective and has exhibited with them at “Imagine” in June 2020 as part of World Refugee Week with Christ Church Cathedral and Counterpoint Arts.

Yalcinkaya also has experience as a screenwriter and director. Her articles have been published in national and local magazines and newspapers in Turkey.  Her poems are published in Correspondences, an anthology to call for an end to direct provision by Stinging Fly, in the MASI journal.

Shayan Coohe

Shayan Coohe started playing the Tombak under the direction of Master Arjang Kamkar at the age of seven and then went on to study Tar (a plucked string instrument which pre-dates the lute and guitar). Shayan continued his studies at the Conservatoire of Music in Tehran aged 11. He also plays Daf, Setar and Tanbour and recently graduated from Trinity College Dublin in Music Performance (Clarinet).
Shayan has been collaborating with various different musicians and numerous projects with Nava, Tulca, An Droichead, Dj Kormac, The Irish Chamber Orchestra and many more. He has released four albums such as Tapestry, Sojourns Vol1, Just Be and the most recent one ” Toranj”.

Shahab Coohe

Shahab Coohe was born into a family of music lovers. He started his music education at the age of 8, under the direction of Majid Kiani, one of the contemporary masters of the Santoor (a trapezoid-shaped stringed instrument that predates the dulcimer and piano). He also plays the Violin and graduated in music performance from Trinity College Dublin/Royal Irish Academy of Music.

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