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Map of Nostalgia

Map of Nostalgia

26th of Feb, drop-in, from 11 am

@Rua Red, Tallaght

All ages




No booking required

map of nostalgia

La mappa della nostalgia/map of nostalgia will travel from Treviso in Italy straight to the Mother Tongues Festival in Tallaght to gather stories and memories. By collecting memories, the map will grow during the festival, and it will be enriched by stories, images and feelings shared by you all. The “Map of Nostalgia” will show the memories of those who came to Ireland and those who left, finding connection through shared feelings and conditions. Let’s join our stories together and create the “Map of Nostalgia”.


Art - Migration - Intercultural Education - Mulitilingualism

IntegrART is an association based in Italy that promotes social engagement and inclusivity of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants through the arts: painting, photography, theatre, writing, cinema, music, storytelling and visual arts.
To reach its goals IntegrART organizes courses, workshops and projects in schools, museums, libraries and other settings of cultural gatherings.

Jelena Zivkovic IntegrART ph Enrico Colussi
ph Enrico Colussi

Jelena Zivkovic

Jelena is one of the founders of IntegrART. She was working as an Italian teacher at a migrants centre when she realised that there was a large demand and need amongst asylum seekers for more training opportunities within the areas of Italian culture and arts.
Jelena began to work on this concept during her internship for the Ca ‘Foscari University of Volunteering in Venice, at the municipal building “Binario 1” recovered from abandonment.

This event is supported by Social Inclusion South Dublin County.

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