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Mother Tongues Film Festival

Film Programme

26th of February, from 11 am

@The Civic, Tallaght

You can also buy your ticket on the day at the Civic Theatre Box Office.


This year we are catering for the film lovers, too! We will be showing a series of short feature films including documentaries, animated and experimental films. Come along to experience a glimpse into some great films produced all around Europe and Asia!

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11:15 am - ANIMATED SHORTS For Children 6+

The Programme of Animation Shorts for children is curated by Dr Chi-Sui Wang, Associate Professor, Department of Animation, Taipei National University of the Arts; and in partnership with the EAST ASIA FILM FESTIVAL IRELAND.

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“Blanket talk” (2020) Duration: 6’ 39”
Taiwan. Language: Mandarin Chinese, SUB ENG
Directors: Jennifer Li, Samantha Chang, Chia-Wei Pang

It’s midnight and two kids cannot fall asleep. They start to play under their beloved blanket, travelling to an imaginary world where they turn into animals and fly into the sky.

“This one is sweeter” (2021) Duration: 7’ 23”
Taiwan. Language: Mandarin Chinese, SUB ENG
Directors:Li-Yu Liu, Shu-Yen Wang

A little boy is gradually discovering that his Grandma from the country might have magical superpowers.

“Dog Person” (2021) Duration: 3’ 54”
Taiwan. Language: Mandarin Chinese, SUB ENG
Director: Chen-Yi Liu

A young girl remembers and tells her friend how she couldn’t understand the way her father took care of the family dog.

“Extravagantly ordinary night” (2020) Duration: 6’ 14”
Taiwan. Language: Mandarin Chinese, SUB ENG
Director: Yu An Jao

Her bright world became dark after losing her sight. One day, she meets the person she had loved when she was still able to see.

“Moon monsoon” (2020) Duration: 9’ 29”
Taiwan. Language: Mandarin Chinese, SUB ENG
Directors: Shu-Tzu Lin, Liang-Jie Chen

What do you do when you cannot fall asleep? Do you count sheep or bowls of rice. Tomorrow let’s go cycling!


Presented in association with the French Embassy in Ireland and Institut français

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Little White Dude (Venerman, 2017) Duration: 28’
France; Language: French, SUB ENG
Directors: Swann Arlaud and Tatiana Vialle

Charles, an 18-year-old kid, grew up in a quiet village but dreams of being a black rapper who lives in a big city. His fantasy has a name: Black Charles. A double of himself that follows him everywhere, including on this day when he decides to break with his everyday routine to join his older brother in Paris, hoping for a new life.

little white dude

Fatiya ( 2018) Duration: 19’
France; Language: French, SUB ENG
Director: Marion Desseigne-Ravel

Eighteen-year-old Fatiya is funny, charismatic, and wears a veil. This afternoon, she has promised her cousin, pretty Yasmine, to babysit Sophie in her stead so that Yasmine can have a date with a boy. Accompanied by Soukaïna, her best friend, Fatiya goes to the mall where she is supposed to pick up Sophie. But when she finds herself face to face with Sophie’s mother, nothing goes as planned.


Beauty Boys (2020) Duration: 17’
France; Language: French, SUB ENG
Director: Florent Gouëlou

In their small village, seventeen-year-old Léo and his friends are crazy about makeup. Jules, Léo’s older brother, doesn’t share his sibling’s passion, fearing he’ll be the laughing stock among his gang of pals. The night of the village’s “open theatre” event, against Jules’ advice, Léo walks on the stage dressed in drag.


Blue Dog (Chien bleu, 2018) Duration: 17’
France; Language: French, SUB ENG
Directors: Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh

Émile is afraid of the world. He no longer goes outside and paints everything blue. One night, his son Yoan encounters Soraya, a teenage fan of Tamil dance. She will help him find the right colour.

I’m not telling you anything, just sayin’ (Ništa ja tebi ne govorim, samo kažem, 2020) Duration: 19’
Croatia, France; Language: Croatian, SUB ENG
Director, writer: Sanja Milardović

A thirty-year-old Zrinka arrives in her hometown of Rijeka for a few days to do some location scouting for a film she is working on. She stays at her mother Tanja’s place. Zrinka gradually becomes aware of her mother’s strange behaviour. She takes her location scouting in order to spend time with her and find out what is troubling her. Tanja keeps quiet and secluded until she experiences an emotional breakdown. Zrinka realises it is now up to her to step up and take on the role of a parent.

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1:50 pm - ANIMATED SHORTS For Adults

Bach-Hông (2019) Duration: 18’
France. Language: French, SUB ENG
Director: Elsa Duhamel

Jeanne, born in 1959 in Saigon, lived a golden childhood, protected from the war which then opposed North and South Vietnam. Fascinated by horses, Jeanne rides a mare named Bach-Hông. But on April 30, 1975, the Communists seized Saigon.

Presented in association with the French Embassy in Ireland and Institut français.


Précieux (2020) Duration: 13’
France. Language: French, SUB ENG
Director: Paul Mas

Julie can’t fit in at her school. The arrival of Émile, an autistic child, will change the situation.
Presented in association with the French Embassy in Ireland and Institut français.


Marcach Dearg (Red Rider, 2021) Duration: 10’
Ireland. Language: Irish, English, SUB ENG
Writer, director, set and puppet designer: Emma Fisher-Owen, Ivan Fisher-Owen

In a futuristic Ireland where corruption and greed have decimated the land, a girl embarks on an adventure to find her grandmother, a wolf seeks vengeance for the murder of his pack and a women searches for redemption.
A bilingual Irish/English shadow stop-motion animated film by Beyond the Bark, funded by the Arts Council/ An Chomhairle Ealaíon

An Fharraige (The Sea, 2021) Duration: 6’, Ireland. 
Written and directed by Niamh Lawlor, Emma Fisher-Owen and Thomas Johnston
Set and puppets by Niamh Lawlor and Emma Fisher. Original score by Thomas Johnston. Edited and Filmed by Red Paw Media.

Music and the rhythms of the sea transport an older woman to her childhood, fishing with her grandfather. Collaboration between Púca Puppets, Beyond the Bark and Thomas Johnston, musical support Niamh Dunne and Seán Óg Graham. Filmed/edited: Red Paw Media. Supported: Dublin City Council Arts Office.

Stevie (2020) Duration: 13’
Ireland. Language: English
An animation written by Rialto Youth Project young men’s group:
David Ring, Craig Hamilton, Dylan Farrell and Eoghan O’ Neill with artist & writer Fiona Whelan.
Youth work support from Michael Byrne and Thomas Dolan. Directed by Fiona Whelan.

Stevie is about a little boy. He was made by a group of young fellas. He is a reflection of what we see, growing up in our local community, with lots of fiction added in. Everyone wants a better life. We wanted a better life for Stevie. In this story, Stevie goes from being a nobody, to being somebody.

Stevie is part of What Does He Need? – a long-term project by artist & writer Fiona Whelan, theatre company Brokentalkers and Rialto Youth Project, exploring how men and boys are shaped by and influence the world they live in.
Stevie was funded by the National Youth Council of Ireland and the Arts Council. © Fiona Whelan and Rialto Youth Project, 2020.



Say My Ainm (2022) Duration: 7’
Ireland; Language: English, Irish, SUB ENG
Director, producer: Ola Majekodunmi

‘Say My Ainm’ is a bilingual short film created by writer, film maker and broadcaster Ola Majekodunmi in partnership with Axis Ballymun. It features interviews between Majekodunmi and a series of collaborators on the importance of their names. The film was supported by and filmed in Axis Ballymun.

say my ainm

Halfway to Falling (2021) Duration: 10’
Ireland; Language: English
Director: Kate O’Shea

Half Way to Falling is a collaborative and collective response to common Ground’s The Just City – Counter Narrative Neighbourhood Residency Award 2020 – 2022 which was awarded to artist Kate O’Shea in March 2020. This film is the first public work of the platform ‘HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? which brings together community workers, artists, activists and researchers from around the world exploring ideas and practices around spatial injustices in multiple cities.

Common Ground’s The Just City – Counter Narrative Neighbourhood Residency award 2020 – 2022 is funded by the Arts Council and Dublin City Council with additional advice and support from Create, the national development agency for collaborative arts. studio 468 is a co – partnership since 2003 between Common Ground and Rialto Development Association who own and manage St. Andrew’s Community Centre, Rialto.

Satori (2019) Duration: 17’
Ireland; Languages: English, Malayalam
Conceived and realised by Jijo Sebastian in collaboration with Vinu Kaippilly and others

Satori is an experimental, collaborative, personal, non-narrative, non-linear short film attempting to paint a portrait of a young Indian immigrant in Dublin. Part documentary and part fiction, amalgamating multiple personal and social dimensions of the protagonist and the filmmaker, the film attempts to establish the uniqueness of a migrant individual.


Colour of My Breath (2021) Duration: 7’
Ireland; Languages: English, Arabic, Portuguese, Ndebele, Polish, Gaelic, Malayalam
Conceived and realised by Jijo Sebastian in collaboration with Amir Abu Alrob, Alessandra Azevedo, Hina Khan, Mark Sebata, Tomasz Madajczak

‘Colour of My Breath’ is a short collaborative documentary featuring 5 immigrant artists living in Ireland, dealing with the subject matter of cultural integration.
The short film is supported by the Communities Integration Fund from the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth. This project is also supported by Create, the national agency for collaborative arts and the Arts Council’s Artist in the Community Scheme.

the colour of my breath

The Way To Hollywood (Der Weg nach Hollywood, 2021) Duration: 25’
Germany; Languages: Serbian, English, German, ENG SUB
Director: Jelena Bosanac

“Money makes the studies go ´round”. Jelena has six months until her master studies begin and 10,000€ separates her from that beginning. In the new environment – a German village on the far east of the country – and new roles (au-pair); between taking care of three children, taking German lessons, working as a clown at children’s birthdays, being homesick and talking with the only inhabitant who understands her in the new environment, months are passing and her bank account is still standing still. Believing in people’s help, but not wanting their charity, Jelena designs unique cards. By selling them, she believes she’ll get to her goal and earn the necessary money= Visa= studies= Balkan escape!

the way to Hollywood

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