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A Musical Tapestry

A Musical Tapestry

26th of February, 6pm

@Civic Theatre, Tallaght


For audience 6+

Booking required.

A Musical Tapestry

You are invited on a musical journey across the European continent, showing that music knows no borders!

This group is a combination of both culturally & linguistically mixed musicians, performing songs from the traditions of Eastern and Western Mediterranean. This includes the Iberian Peninsula and the Judeo-Spanish song tradition of the Balkan Peninsula and Turkey, as well as from Central Europe, specifically Bohemia, Moravia, and Slovakia. Past songs include a multitude of languages, such as Spanish, Judeo-Spanish (Ladino), Asturiano, Galego, Catalan, Czech (Moravian dialects), Slovak, English and Irish. These styles are further combined and enriched by elements and influences from Irish traditional music, ultimately woven into a colourful musical tapestry, where the cultural and artistic backgrounds of each member are represented.

Meet the artists

Katerina García

Katerina began to sing Irish traditional music in the band ‘Celtic Rej’, in 1997. She co-founded the Prague-based band ‘Dún an Doras’, where she performed until 2007. From 2001 she has been collaborating with Czech multi-instrumentalist and renowned banjo player Lubos Malina. Together with producer and guitarist Steve Walsh, they have completed a cross-genre musical project based mainly on the work of Czech poet Věra Provazníková, released in December 2021. 
Katerina currently lectures in the Department of Hispanic Studies at Trinity College Dublin.

Ales Bajgart

Ales is a bass and guitar player. He has played in many music bands and groups in various musical genres, primarily Jazz fusion and Blues. In the Czech Republic, he was one of the founders of the famous regional jazz band Lady Betka, which has performed at concerts and festivals for more than a decade. Ales has also performed for over two years as a stage musician in the Slovácko Theatre in the Czech Republic in the plays “Some Like It Hot” and “Wild Years”. He has spent the past few years as a session musician, contributing to studio recordings and tours. He is currently a member of the Dublin based jazz/folk bands: Crow Airport, and The Incognito Brothers.

Dr Robert Harvey

Robert is a flautist and a seven times All-Ireland Champion. Robert has toured internationally with the Katerina Garcia Band, The National Folk Orchestra, the Traditional Arts Collective, among others. Robert is currently coordinating a project on behalf of Comhaltas Ceoltoirí Éireann, which will result in the publication of a book and CD titled “Feadáil”, exploring the recorded history of whistling in traditional Irish music. Robert recently completed PhD research on Traditional Composition in the East Galway Style. Robert currently lectures in Irish music at Trinity College, Dublin, and is a well-established teacher of flute, tin whistle, whistling and lilting, with 28 all-Ireland Champion students.

Peter Moc

Peter Moc

Peter is a full-time educator, performer, music promoter, music director & producer, composer and author of a jazz guitar textbook series. He has performed and taught music in Ireland, the USA, the UK, Denmark and the Czech Republic.
Peter has played with legendary American jazz guitarist Larry Coyrell, professor Sheryl Bailey from the world-wide known and prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, and in 2016 he recorded his third album in NYC with Jazz super-star Lage Lund.
Since 2010, Peter has been working in Ireland and Northern Ireland with nearly all major Jazz artists, such as BBC broadcaster and trumpet player Linley Hamilton, Kevin Brady and Michael Buckley.

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