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Mother Tongues Festival

Come and work with us!

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The Mother Tongues Festival is looking for someone with great ideas and plenty of energy to create a one day programme for the Festival on Saturday 26th of February 2022.

The Mother Tongues Festival is the largest festival celebrating linguistic diversity through the arts in Ireland. Our mission is to showcase Ireland’s rich artistic and cultural tapestry through the use of the multiple languages spoken throughout Ireland, enabling people to connect while engaging in diverse creative experiences. The festival shows that multilingualism is not a barrier, but a reason to get together and celebrate. 
We are looking for people who are interested in showcasing any form of creative expression including music, literature, storytelling, traditional arts and crafts and performances of any kind. 

We are particularly interested in proposals that:

  • Promote participation: get the audience to try out something new!
  • Celebrate Languages and/or cultures that are not well known in Ireland: think outside the box! Celebration of art forms and cultures from around the world is a big part of our work!
  • Use intercultural approaches: proposals that bring artists from different cultures together 
  • Have a flexible approach: we are planning for this programme to be flexible and follow a drop-in model. How will you deliver the programme in a drop-in format?
  • Intergenerational: this proposal should suit any audience, of any age.

The Festival team, with the help of external advisors, will select a limited number of proposals.

The space assigned for the project is a workshop room (size to be confirmed) in the Rua Red Arts Centre (Tallaght) or in the Draiocht (Blanchardstown) for between 4 and 6 hours
Support in the project realisation will be provided by the Festival team.

Deadline for submission: Sept 24th, 5 pm Irish time.

The curator commits to:

  • Providing the event and being responsible for managing all aspects and costs in relation to The Event including fees to all artists.
  • Managing the responsibility of obtaining all relevant copyright and permissions in relation to the use of the intellectual property for all aspects of the event (if applicable).
  • Keeping to the provided timeframes and deadlines that are essential for the Festival team to run the event smoothly e.g. providing requested materials for the Festival programme.
  • Promoting the Festival through your own channels (social media, mailing lists, websites etc).


The curators will be given a €2,000 budget to fund the project (towards materials, artists/facilitators, props etc.). The curator’s fee is included in the €2,000 budget. 
Submissions with a budget above €2,000 will be expected to demonstrate other sources of funding. Those will be outlined as other sources of income in the budget.

The submitted budget must include income (e.g. other sources of funding, if applicable) and expenditure (curator’s fee, artists’ fees, material costs, travel expenses, etc).


All submitted works must follow all recommended Covid health and safety guidelines and have a Covid safety plan. In the event of a Covid lockdown, the festival will be postponed and will not happen online so a digital plan B will not be necessary.

While we celebrate all opportunities to collaborate with international artists, for the next edition we will favour proposals of artists based on the island of Ireland.


Any activity that engages people creatively can be included.

You will be given a space to run your programme. People will come into your space without booking and on a first-come-first-served basis. You should plan your event with this in mind.

If you don’t have your own insurance, you will be covered under the Festival insurance.

All expenses, including travel and accommodation, should be accounted for in the budget.

If the festival is cancelled in February, it will be postponed so you will be able to create your programme at a later date.

For any other questions, please get in touch: elena [at]

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