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Mind your language!

Mind your language!


Did you know that in Ireland three official languages and more than 180 languages are spoken on this small island? From Amharic to Zulu, Polish to Gaeilge…You don’t need to be a language geek to be fascinated by the range of languages that make us who we are, shape our relationships and our thoughts.

On International Mother Language Day this year we want to celebrate the special relationships we have created through languages and with each language.

This time last year we were ready to dance, sing, write poetry and immerse ourselves in many languages through our largest ever Mother Tongues Festival. While we wait to unveil our programme of events planned for May 2021, we are keeping busy chatting to people about all things languages, identity, and what it means to grow up speaking multiple languages in a series of videos called MIND YOUR LANGUAGE.

We ask you to step into these stories with us… some will sound very familiar, some will open up new questions, will challenge our assumptions, will take us into scenarios we would not imagine existed!

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