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What’s your name?

Our portraits project “What’s your name?”, commissioned as part of the Mother Tongues Festival, has now transformed and will be presented as a documentary showcasing the stories told by children about their own names. We created this film for Cruinniú na nOg to raise awareness of the importance of learning to say all names properly because it matters!

Over the last few days we have read several articles and posts on social media showing that so many people are interested in learning more about racism, discrimination and cultural diversity

Everyone can start from a simple act, like learning to say someone’s name the right way. Many of you will have experienced this. You say your name in a bank, at a post office, in your class, when you introduce yourself in a work meeting… and the person responds with “what’s that?” or “I can’t say that”, or they decide to call you something different. 

Our new short documentary for children will address this issue, showcasing the beauty of names through the voices of young children. 

“What’s your name?” is a project we started during the Mother Tongues Festival in Tallaght, when we invited photographer Enzo Testa to create an exhibition by taking portraits of people visiting Tallaght Library and Rua Red and showing them alongside their names, which were also transcribed using the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Our video documentary will be launched on 13th June and it will be first broadcast on Cruinniú TV South Dublin: Create, Make, Participate. Details are available on

The project is funded by South Dublin County Council.

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