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Remaking of Life

Remaking of Life

A series of workshops about grief and loss

“Covid-related grief and loss have had a significant effect on all people regardless of age, nationality, and sectors leaving many of us confused and distressed” This series of poetry workshops revolve around the idea of grief, loss and isolation in search of addressing this grief. These workshops will be open to all adults interested in intercultural exchange and cross-cultural collaboration to create new poetry inspired by the theme of Covid-related grief and loss. No previous writing experience will be needed.

There will be a total of six, two-hour sessions, each with a different focus. Each two-hour session will allow participants to write and develop new poetry during the session and receive feedback from the collaborators.  Participants don’t need to attend all of them. Participants will share their poems, and any selected poems will be read as part of the Mother Tongues Festival in May 2021.

Bursary places available. Contact

Shaping Words: Live painting and poetry performance

11 May - English - 18+

All visual artists are invited to participate in our poetry live session.
Few poetry writers and poetry performers will create an inspiring atmosphere of words, sounds, emotions, details…letting them transport all visual artists in a world of colours, signs, sketches, strokes, impulses to capture in that specific special performing time the sensitive veils of the poet’s soul.
All visual artist welcome, any technique any level of experience.
Final sharing of the artworks will give the visual impact of the poetry performance, from an individual perspective and a collective perspective capturing on paper an unforgettable experience.

Past events

Is it happening again?

with Maria Ortega Garcia

27 april - English - 18+

Humans are natural meaning-makers and storytellers. We also think in circles, cycles and seasons. During this workshop, the attendees will explore the crucible of grief and loss related to Covid restrictions, loss of freedom, experiences, lives… We will seek meaning and give it a place in our individual and collective mythical stories.

Let me count the ways

with Fiona Bolger

21 april - English - 18+

This workshop will explore counting and naming the losses we’ve experienced throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and how it transforms using different languages, drawing on the participants’ knowledge and outside inputs.  We will find ways to count the people, experiences and things we have missed or lost over the past year and n our sharing of loss, we will try to find ways to count the gains. We will share our experiences through words in all our languages, and you will go home with ideas for remembering and sharing your stories and losses.

Come along and be ready to share and learn different ways of counting objects and measuring time.

Tales From A Former Life

with Chandrika Narayanan-Mohan

14 april - English - 18+

“We are not the people we used to be. How have we processed the changes in our lives? How do we write about a new life while grieving an old one? Whether it’s about leaving a country behind, letting go of friends, partners or family members, managing chronic illness, or missing the daily life we once took for granted before 2020, this workshop will be about grieving a life once lived.  In this workshop, we will share our experiences, look at poems written by authors from Ireland and around the world, and do writing exercises. Tap into the memories of our past, and write them back into our lives. And through writing, we will move forward.”

No writing experience required.

What moves you?

with Kathryn Crowley

6 april - English - 18+

The restrictions imposed by Covid-19 may feel like the loss of freedom, safety gained, or both.  Nature shows us that the dance of life continues eternally regardless; nothing is static. Join Kathryn Crowley as she explores somatic awareness and writing.  Discover how poetry connects with your breath and your body.  Use the workshop as a self-care session or share your scripts with the group; it is entirely your choice.

Gentle movement will be included, so for safety, do not eat for 2 hours before. Over 18s only. All are welcome.

Dreams Interwoven

with Eliana Valentini

4 May - English - 18+

Bring out your inner artists and gain expressive skills suitable for capturing special moments in your life or other art performances at the Dreams Interwoven workshop with Eliana Valentini. An experienced illustrator and painter, she will guide you through a basic watercolour and drawing workshop. The workshop will introduce art techniques that make responding to impulses.

Suggest Materials

  • basic watercolour set,
  • thin brush and medium brush,
  • watercolour paper 300 gr white


  • ordinary pencil or pen
  • ordinary white paper

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