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Birds Nest & Fly

A felt-making workshop

February 17, 2024

@ Rua Red, Tallaght

1 to 3 pm

Felt-making workshop

Suitable for children 6+


English, Bulgarian, Russian + Bring Your Own!

€ 5

When you purchase a child ticket the accompanying adult goes free.

Please note:

Children must be under the supervision of an accompanying adult at all times.

This hands-on workshop led by experienced felt artist Niki Collier invites participants to explore the world of birds as depicted in Bulgarian, Russian, Italian, Brazilian and Irish stories. Utilizing specially prepared multi-coloured wool and abstract fabric shapes, attendees will engage in the charming process of felt making.

As families and children immerse themselves in the art of felt-making, they will also have the opportunity to share bird lore, names, or proverbs from their respective mother tongues. This cultural exchange adds a unique dimension to the workshop, fostering a sense of connection and understanding among participants.

By the conclusion of the workshop, each participant will have crafted a small bird felt panel that can be proudly displayed, whether hung in a window at home or adorning a child’s bedroom wall.

Meet the artist

Niki Collier

Niki Collier is a Dublin-based, award-winning visual artist and designer specializing in fiber art and performance. Her artistic journey is fueled by a passion for disrupting conventional boundaries in science, art, and performance, with a focus on empowering and evoking empathy. As a relentless academic, she explores contrasting strands, always driven by an insatiable curiosity.
Being a disabled person and a woman, Niki’s work explores themes of resilience, shedding light on personal narratives and fostering meaningful connections with individuals of diverse abilities and backgrounds. Her unique practice revolves around storytelling and the versatile medium of wool.
Currently serving as Artist in Residence at Richmond Barracks, Niki conducts Craft Chat Socials, fostering engagement with artists of all ages and walks of life.


All ticket sales are final, and refunds will not be issued.

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