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Rather Gather – Drama Workshop

Age group: adults
Duration: 1h
Time: 3.30 pm


 Take some time to play, learn or practice your acting skills with a drama workshop. Play with games invented by Theatre Masters from all over the world and practice your mime, comedy and improvisation skills. Re-discover your inner child and work on your self-esteem and public speaking skills. This workshop will increase your expressive potential and allow you to learn invaluable lessons not in your head but straight to your gut.



Prenditi un po’ di tempo per te, per giocare, imparare, o aumentare le tue abilita di recitazione con un laboratorio teatrale. Giocheremo con tecniche teatrali inventate da maestri che provengono da ogni parte del mondo. Proveremo mimo, commedia e improvvisazione.  Riscopri il tuo bambino interiore e lavora sulla tua autostima e capacita di parlare in publico. Il Laboratorio accrescerà il tuo potenziale espressivo e concederà un apprendimento di nozioni non solo per la mente. Anche cibo per l’istinto.

Mother Tongues Festival 2018-37
Italian Drama Workshop with Rather Gather

Romi is a Theatre Director, Drama Facilitator, Playwright and Performer based in Dublin. She trained internationally and in Ireland where she graduated in Theatre Performance in Marino College and obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Drama and Theatre Studies from Trinity College Dublin. She directed Forum Theatre performances for Action Aid as part of Safe Cities for Women and in the International as part of Play Time. She participated to Biodrama workshops with international director Vivi Tellas and Clowning workshops in Buenos Aires as well as in Dublin. She has experience in choreographing multicultural physical Theatre Plays as Behind Eyes, part of the Debut Festival‘ 17 in the Samuel Beckett Theatre. She has devised theatre with adults, young adults and children in Dublin and Nansana (Uganda). She also directed shows as part of Scene and Heard Festival, Provoke Festival and Galway Theatre Festival and in The Out Huse, Teacher’s Club and DoylesAs a performer her credits include: Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice for the 5 Lamps Festival, the Physical Theatre performances: Dreams and A Woman with the Suitcase of Salt directed by Loli Ross Gordon, The Climber for the Latin Sphere theatre as part of 10 days in Dublin festival and the Ranelagh Art Festival and The Seventh Land Theatre adaptation of Master and Margarita in the Smock Alley Theatre. She performed in Multicultural Invisible Theatre project The Cinnamon Project directed by Aoibhinn Marie Gilroy of Shiva productions, The World We Live InDirected by SarahJane Scaife as well as in Meeting Ghosts in College Park devised and directed by Bairbre Ní Chaoimh. As part of the Galway Theatre festival she performed with The Cabinet Theatre Company in 2016 and Capitalism: The Musical in 2017. She is the Co-funder of Rather Gather an organisation aimed to support, and promote events in which the diversity of origin and skills of the artists is celebrated as a tool for peace and multicultural understanding.

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