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Pop Up Gaeltacht

Language: Irish
Duration: 1 h
Age group: all ages
Time: 1.00 pm

FREE EVENT, Booking required.  BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE (adults)

Monthly Pop Up Gaeltachts have been filling out Dublin pubs for over a year. Organised by two friends Peadar Ó Caomhánaigh & Osgur Ó Ciardha these laid-back events have allowed Irish speakers of all levels to use the language in a relaxed atmosphere. The pop-up concept has now spread around Ireland and even as far as Canada and USA. The pop-ups have destroyed cliches around the Irish language and are open to everyone!

Tá reabhlóid na Pop Up Gaeltacht ag dul ar aghaidh agus ag fás níos mó ná bhliain anois sna tithe tábhairne ar fud na cathrach.
Beirt d’arb ainm Peadar Ó Caomhánaigh agus Osgur Ó Ciardha a d’eagraigh na h-eachtraí réchúiseach seo – áit a bhfuil fáilte roimh dhaoine le Gaeilge a dteanga a úsáid ar a shuaimhneas.
Tá tachaíocht choiteann faoin gcoincheap scaipithe anois i ngach áit in Éirinn agus sna ceithre hairde chomh maith, i gCanada, USA agus i gcathracha na hEorpa.
Rinne na Pop Up slad le cliché ar bith faoin dteanga agus tá fáilte ar cách!

Caitlín rekindled her love for Irish in 2014 having not used the language since her school days (almost 40 years!)
She feels that the best way to encourage adults to learn Gaeilge is in an informal relaxed setting without the stress of assessment.
In 2016 Caitlín set up Club Siúlach Scéalach where people of all ages and standards of Gaeilge come together every weekend to walk Dublin’s parks and canal ways, enjoying using Gaeilge and getting fresh air and exercise at the same time!
In recent years Caitlín has also established two Ciorcal Comhrá (Irish conversation) groups, where people get together in their local libraries on a weekly basis, to chat in Ireland’s native language, which provides another facility for those with a passion for Gaeilge, in a friendly social setting.

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