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Plurilingual Poetry

LANGUAGE: English and others (Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Arabic…)
Age group: adults
Duration: 45 min
Time: 6 pm
Do you love words and playing with them? Do you find yourself punning between languages? Do you want to spend an hour juggling sounds and sense? Then come along. We will be making poems, listening to poems, reading and performing poems. No previous experience required, just a head full of words and a sense of fun. We shall start by compounding some poems, followed on by cutting and pasting, borrowing and stealing poems and finally, we shall share with each other. This is an opportunity to break language barriers, try new ways of working with words and learn from others. Hope to meet you there.

Fióna Bolger lives between Ireland and India. Her work has appeared in Southword, The Brown Critique, Poetry Bus, The Chattahoochee Review and others. With K. Srilata, she recently editedAll the Worlds Between (Yoda Press, Delhi, 2017), a poetry project between Ireland and India. She is a co-ordinator of Dublin Writers’ Forum and a member of the creative team of Outlandish Theatre Platform. She is currently working on her PhD dissertation, ‘A Search for Poems in the Cracks Between Borders’.

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