Letters to our Mothers and Fathers 2020

Letters to our Mothers and Fathers

Mandla Rae is a writer and performer who interrogates family dynamics and communication, particularly when cultural traditions are in place.
In Letters to our Mothers and Fathers 2020, Mandla aims to curate a new performance with local bilingual residents in their mother tongues. In an intensive workshop, Mandla will explore the ways we communicate with our elders, what traditions have been embraced, what has been rejected? Each performer will speak their first language, Mandla intends to use poetry performance to create a dialogue where we embrace who we are, where we can be open and speak without fear or judgement; where the many languages that make up the cityscape of Dublin are celebrated.
In 2019, Mandla Rae curated Letters to our Mothers and Fathers during Journeys Festival International, an exhibition of letters and a series of performances with members of Manchester’s asylum-seeking community.
The letters from this project will be on display during the Mother Tongue Festival.

Commissioned by ArtReach and Commonword for Journeys  Festival International in Manchester.
Presented in partnership with Mother Tongues Festival

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