Flamenco Workshop, Mother Tongues, Mother Tongues Dublin, multilingualism, rising bilingual children Dublin, bilingualism, Dublin

Flamenco Workshop

Age group: adults
Duration: 90 min
Time: 1.30 pm


The workshop will be broken down into 4 parts:

Music: it’s really important to feel deeply the music when dancing, so before start learning any movements, you will work on listening different piece of Flamenco music to feel more familiar with its sounds and rhythms.
Warming Up: using flamenco movements you will prepare your body to kick off.
Steps: now you are ready to start learning new steps. Flamenco has many types of styles (Sevillanas, Rumbas, Fandangos, Alegrias, Bulerias, etc.) but you will focus on one of the most typical styles, Sevillanas!
Performance: it’s time to put together all your work and see the amazing result!

Flamenco Workshop, Mother Tongues, Mother Tongues Dublin, multilingualism, rising bilingual children Dublin, bilingualism, DublinMaria Raboso is a Spanish dance lover.
She has been dancing Spanish Dances since she was 4 years old and she’s been teaching flamenco for 6 years.
By offering this workshop, Maria wants to share her passion and spread the Spanish culture in Dublin.
You will enjoy one and a half hour with Maria, discovering the sounds, rhythms and movements of Flamenco.
This workshop has not barriers for anybody, so it’s suitable for people with dancing experience but also for who has never danced Flamenco before!

En este taller Flamenco, trabajaremos 4 áreas diferentes:

 Música: Sentir la música cuando bailamos, es uno de los elementos más importantes. Comenzaremos este taller, escuchando diferentes piezas de música flamenca para sentirnos más familiaridos con los sonidos y los ritmos antes de comenzar con los movimientos.
Calentamiento: Depués de una breve introdución sobre los diferentes tipos de música, comenzaremos con un calentando basado en diferentes ejercicios de Flamenco.
Pasos: Una vez que  hemos calendado, ya estamos listos para comenzar! El baile Flamenco tiene muchos tipos de estilos (Sevillanas, Rumbas, Fandangos, Alegrias, Bulerias,etc.) nosotros en este taller trabajaremos uno de los bailes más típicos, Las Sevillanas.
– Actuación: Es hora de poner en práctica todo lo aprendido! 

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