Fanzini: Ballet Poulet

Two world class Olympian-level idiots bring to you their latest masterpiece. She has prepared a poetic, delicate and tender ballet. He has prepared a badass display of mayhem. She loves dancing, he loves chickens. Nut-cracking and Swan Faking their way into your lives, these two will make you really question which came first…her tutu or his toupée?

Fanzini Productions is a contemporary circus company founded and run by Con Horgan from Tralee, Co.Kerry, Southwest Ireland. Con has been performing since 1997 in a duo show Fanzini Brothers, performing solo as Professor Plunger and in the ensemble show Circus Jukebox. Fanzini Productions is one of the foremost street circus company based in the Republic of Ireland, touring nationally and internationally.
Twitter: @fanzinibrothers 
and @circusfestire 

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