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Cupcake Science

Age group: 7-12
Duration:  1 h
Time: 1.30 pm


Ever wondered what makes your food so tasty? Why some things are just really sweet and others so bitter you can barely eat a tiny piece? In the hands-on workshop “Cupcake Science” we’re going to have a closer look at your lunch box, discover the science behind your favourite food and explore food chemistry: can we use food and kitchen materials to make all the colours of the rainbow? What’s the science behind fluffy cupcakes?

Fragt ihr euch auch, warum manches Essen so lecker schmeckt? Warum manche Nahrungsmittel unglaublich süß sind und andere so bitter, dass man kaum etwas davon essen kann? Warum das so ist, was Chemie damit zu tun hat und wie wir unsere Nahrungsmittel einfach analysieren können – das alles sehen wir uns im „Cupcake Chemie“ workshop an. Außerdem werden wir lernen, wie cupcakes locker und luftig leicht werden, wie man die Chemie dahinter für andere Experimente zu Hause verwenden kann und wie man aus Nahrungsmitteln und alltägliche Küchenutensilien einen Regenbogen zaubert.

Cordula Weiss

Cordula left Germany nearly 3 years ago to do a PhD in Physical Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Science at Waterford Institute of Technology in the Southeast of Ireland. She immediately felt at home iand fell in love with Ireland, the country, the culture and just the Irish way of life and then decided to stay. After having volunteered for about 2 years, she is now working as Programme Manager at Calmast, the science outreach centre at Waterford Institute of Technology. They are promoting science and maths and are is working with Waterford City & County Council, industry groups and schools to develop the Southeast as a Science Region. Calmast has reached hundreds of thousands of people with science supplements, publications and activities.

Follow Calmast on Twitter: @CalmastWIT.

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