Mother Tongues Festival 2018-37

Chinese papercutting

Age group: 8+ & adults
Duration: 30 min
Time: 3.00 pm for adults; 3.30 pm for kids 8+

FREE EVENT. Booking required


Come join us and make a Papercutting gift for yourself
In conjunction with 2018 Chinese New Year, the year of the dog, we are running a traditional Chinese papercutting workshop for anyone who is 8 and older.

The art of Chinese papercutting was originated during Han dynasty in China. Today it is still a popular art form for decoration. Chinese people use it to decorate doors, windows and walls for special occasions such as weddings and Chinese New Year.
Through folding and cutting, you can create something magical to take home. You can also follow the templates to create a Chinese New Year theme artwork either to frame or to laminate. 

Mother Tongues Festival 2018-37
Papercutting workshop with Evan Furlong

狗年來了! 為慶祝母語成立週年及2018狗年春節, 歡迎8歲以上的朋友與我們一起來用剪刀玩中國剪紙藝術。剪紙藝術雖始於漢朝,今日,一到年節或喜慶之日,剪紙藝術還是到處可見。利用折和剪,您可以創造出魔術般的藝術品帶回家,您也可以參照樣本剪出春節相關的圖案裱或框起來,為新年做裝飾。因為場地位子有限,請先報名。


Evan Furlong moved to the cold emerald isle from the exotic Taiwan 17 years ago and is raising two multilingual children in Ireland since 2005.  Many would know raising bilingual children isn’t smooth sailing; despite much research to show the benefits of giving the gift of languages from an early age, many parents give up.
Evan has also embarked on a journey to a Masters in Education and will share a little bit of the research findings regarding mother tongues.
Evan is the principal of Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese and has been teaching Mandarin Chinese to both of primary and post-primary schools since 2008.

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