Mamasongue The concert


Camilla Griehsel's Mamasongue

The concert

LANGUAGE English, Irish, Swedish, Spanish, Lingala, Zulu
AGE all 6+
WHEN 23rd February 2020, 3 pm
WHERE Civic Theatre, Main Space
DURATION 80 minutes

Mamasongue is a celebration of songs from distant lands, brought to the stage by Camilla Griehsel, one of Ireland’s most versatile and passionate singers. Camilla sings songs from around the world that transcend the constraints of culture, time and place to show that, through performance, a song’s true meaning can be deeply felt, regardless of its language.
“I am drawn to the universal emotions in performance,” says Camilla. “As we travel from culture to culture, we’ll find parallels in the way music resolves into nurture, love and joy from keening laments to the comfort of a lullaby. From a mother’s tongue comes the primordial language of song beyond words.”
During the show, Camilla sings of love, loss and longing, passion, desire and joy. She reaches out and reminds us of the undeniable connection between us all.

Check out the morning Mamasongue workshop for children here.

Born in Stockholm, Sweden where she studied at the prestigious Adolf Frederik Musik School, Camilla Griehsel has been singing to enraptured audiences since she was a small child.
In her twenties she fronted the U.S chart-topping Norwegian pop group ‘One 2 Many’, then abandoned pop music to study opera. Her many roles include performing the lead in the Yiddish production of The Dybbuk in Tel Aviv, and the lead, in Spanish, in Maria de Buenos Aires at the Cork Opera House.
She premiered her eclectic one-woman show, ‘Mamasongue’ in 2018 featuring songs from across the world.
Photograph by Richard Tyndall.

Rua Red, the Civic and Tallaght Library are located in Belgard Square, Dublin 24, only seconds from the Tallaght Luas Stop.
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