Хозяйка Медной Горы

AGE  7+
WHEN Sat 23rd Feb, 2.30 pm
WHERE Galway City  Library
FREE EVENT - Booking advised. Get your ticket HERE

Медной_горы_Хозяйка Photo credit: Владимир Саппинен
Photo credit: Владимир Саппинен

Никита расскажет историю о Хозяйке Медной Горы, покровительнице подземных сокровищ. Она - молодая красивая девушка, одетая в малахит, или ящерка с короной на голове. Она может благоволить добытчикам, а может спрятать руду от них. Уважай её - и ты будешь богат. Обидь - и ты можешь больше не увидеть света белого...

 Nikita will tell a story in Russian about the Mistress of the Copper Mountain, a spirit that protects underground gemstones and metals. She is a beautiful young woman dressed in a malachite gown or a lizard in a crown. She can be in favour of miners or hide everything from them. Respect her and you will be rich. Offend her and you might never see the light of the Sun again...

Nikita Koptev is a PhD student at NUIG. He studies the Irish language and Folklore and works with texts from schoolchildren, collected in 1937-1939. He is a traveller and passionate about mountains (big hills are great too!). He is a storyteller and attentive listener (since every person has a story to tell). He speaks Russian (as a mother tongue), fluent English and Irish (ach, faraor, níl a chuid Gaeilge go hiontach!).