Douar-Neizh / Land as my nest

LANGUAGE  Breton & English
AGE  all
WHEN Fri 22nd Feb, 8.30 pm
WHERE Galway2020
FREE EVENT - Booking advised. Get your ticket HERE
 Váimmu Vuohttume / Cradle of My Heart

Douar-Neizh Land as my nest_cropped

Reading poetry and Gwerz (traditional Breton singing)

The performance Douar-Neizh is based on the poetry book written in Brezhoneg (Breton language) by Matyas Le Brun. Thrown up like volcano lava and enlightened by the stars’ glow, the book is about land, poetry of nature and searching for one's broken identity. Matyas' poems connect to taboos in the Breton society about the stolen generation but refer also to external influences as a Celtic minority but also the pain and sorrow from losing an indigenous way of life. Filled with deep emotions, the poems are a quest for inner truth.

Sara Margrethe Oskal supports Matyas' poems on stage with an English or Sámi language reading as a reference to the Sámi helpers that made Matyas aware of the importance of acting for his own culture and language.

In August 2011, a band was set up by the author to perform at the Inter-Celtic Festival of Lorient (Brittany area), at the Sciences & Culture Festival in the Island of Noirmoutier. The band recorded the music and turned the poems into music for the Douar-Neizh CD. The French Belgian painter and art-therapist Amélie Tourneux have turned the poems into drawings. In April 2013 the book was published by Editions Delatour France.

Sara Margrethe Oskal was a professional reindeer herder until she had to make a choice between the Arts and the traditional lifestyle. She chose the Arts and holds a PhD in Performing Arts from the National Academy of Arts, Oslo-Norway, researching "Sami humour and jester tradition in yoik, storytelling and contemporary stage expressions". She is also a screenwriter, filmmaker and poet. In 2016 she was nominated to the Nordic Council Litterature award in 2016 with the poetry book «savkkuhan sávrri sániid -tireless words». She is currently working on her first feature film.

Matyas Le Brun is an architect Graduated from Paris ESA school and studied in Oslo School of Architecture and Design raised in a strong Breton culture. He became an environmental journalist with a focus on indigenous people's rights and culture. Between 2008 and 2010 he shared his life with a community of reindeer herders from the Sámi people in Norway before working at the Inter-Celtic Festival of Lorient in Brittany, France. He wrote poem book in Breton language, books about sustainable architecture, screenwriting short films around the Breton language. He is currently writing his first novel.