Váimmu Vuohttume / Cradle of my heart

LANGUAGE  Sámi & English
AGE  all
WHEN Fri 22nd Feb, 8 pm
WHERE Galway2020
FREE EVENT - Booking advised. Get your ticket HERE
Douar-Neizh / Land as my nest

Váimmu Vuohttume -Cradle of my heart

Reading poetry, slam and Yoïk (traditional sámi singing).

This performance is an aurora borealis fragment.
Meeting in 2008, Sámi poetress Sara Margrethe Oskal and Breton photographer Matyas Le Brun decided in 2010 after a show in Paris to gather their work: Sara Margrethe writes about her people, up in the Arctic, with a sensual and experienced vision when Matyas brings an outside look on Sámi land and culture. Sara and Matyas are setting up a project as a bridge. When the poems are written with a Sámi point of view, they are universal. Humans are described in their frailty and facing troubles to be themselves, after all, touching a very subtle, irrational part of the mind. Children of the earth, we are all a northern light fragment whose soul takes its source in the Cradle of the Heart.

Presented by the Norwegian Embassy at the House of the World's Cultures in Paris in 2010, in Brittany area in France in 2012 and 2013, in Tromsø in 2014, in New-York in 2015 and in Brussel at the European Commission in 2018.

Performance based on the book "Cradle of my heart" by Sara Margrethe Oskal and Matyas Le Brun supported by the Norwegian Embassy and French National Centre of Books (Publishing House: Edition Delatour France).

Sara Margrethe Oskal was a professional reindeer herder until she had to make a choice between the Arts and the traditional lifestyle. She chose the Arts and holds a PhD in Performing Arts from the National Academy of Arts, Oslo-Norway, researching "Sami humour and jester tradition in yoik, storytelling and contemporary stage expressions". She is also a screenwriter, filmmaker and poet. In 2016 she was nominated to the Nordic Council Litterature award in 2016 with the poetry book «savkkuhan sávrri sániid -tireless words». She is currently working on her first feature film.

Matyas Le Brun is an architect Graduated from Paris ESA school and studied in Oslo School of Architecture and Design raised in a strong Breton culture. He became an environmental journalist with a focus on indigenous people's rights and culture. Between 2008 and 2010 he shared his life with a community of reindeer herders from the Sámi people in Norway before working at the Inter-Celtic Festival of Lorient in Brittany, France. He wrote poem book in Breton language, books about sustainable architecture, screenwriting short films around the Breton language. He is currently writing his first novel.