LANGUAGE  Romanian, English
AGE  teens, adults

Anca - Escaping patternsThe aim of the public engagement art workshop is to empower migrant both children and adults through art making, to touch a deeper level of themselves and their identities, to freely express their feelings through art by using and including within the artworks words from their Mother Tongue. We not only learn new words but also learn new meanings and thus we share experiences that bring us to unity in a diverse community. The participants will also discover stories of migrant artists and the issues they raised through their art.
The workshop is dedicated to migrant people from different backgrounds and cultures, aiming to bring together people from different nationalities, who through the process of creation not only will discover the commune patterns we all share but also the importance of discovering other people's cultures and the importance of the inclusion of their own identity within the space they are living in. Through the acceptance of all the nuances that form our identities and the place we live in, the transformation process for a better understanding of ourselves and the other takes place and along with it will bring positive social change.

Born in 1982 in Romania, Anca Danila graduated with a degree and an MFA from the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Her work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions in institutions and galleries around the world.
Through her works, the artist, who regularly travels between Bistrita in Romania and Dublin in Ireland, demonstrates her interest in anthropology and contemporary sociology. The artist explores transitions between geographical zones and cultural identities. Her creations display the contemporary individual who creates different types of identities for themselves, constructed from social, cultural, or familial factors and the contrast between someone’s real and virtual identity. What they experience and live is, in fact, a continuing renegotiated relationship between the real identity and the constructed ones.
“The words are energy and create realities, it only depends on us how we use them in order to create our own reality”
(Anca Danila)