AGE adults
WHEN Sat 2nd March - 4 pm
WHERE CIvic Theatre


“What art changed you forever?”

A new performance by Outlandish Theatre Platform made in collaboration with community participants from Hatch Hall Direct Provision Centre and Robert Emmet CDP. Bernie and Maud explore concepts of roots and being en route with diverse participants through a conversation about art.
ROOTS will be presented as part of Mother Tongues Festival 2019.

Outlandish Theatre Platform 2018
Outlandish Theatre Platform creates inter-disciplinary theatre and inter-media projects with local communities in Dublin 8 and beyond, exploring who we are within perceived cultural, national and global narratives.

Outlandish Theatre Platform operates from a belief in cultural democracy and genuine social engagement, using experimental and participatory processes. We are committed to producing important theatre and performance projects through community collaboration, which places the individual central to their own representation. We invest in long-term partnerships with local communities, actively inviting inter-generational diverse community participants as vital co-creators in the experimental process.

OT Platform operates through two strands: Strand one with master projects in which we collaborate with community participants and professionals in the research, development and outcome phase. Strand two with Open Theatre Practice, a weekly open performance-making workshop free to the public, where no previous arts experience is required. Open Theatre Practice operates two seasons annually, working towards a performance at the end of each season.
The master projects and Open Theatre Practice interconnect symbiotically, with one inspiring the other and vice versa.
Our long-term objective is to develop and create new audiences and creators through participation and exchange within geographical and arts and health contexts.