Mudia Soul + Yurodny Ensemble

WHEN Sat 2nd March - 8 pm
WHERE Civic Theatre

Yurodny Ensemble


Founded in 2007 by saxophonist and composer Nick Roth, the Yurodny Ensemble perform contemporary interpretations of traditional music from around the world alongside new works by composers inspired by these traditions. For the Mother Tongues Festival 2019, the group will perform a programme highlighting the deep musical connections between peoples and places.

Oleg Ponomarev - violin; Adrian Hart - violin; Cora Venus Lunny - violin, viola; Kate Ellis - cello; Nick Roth - saxophones; Colm O’Hara - trombone; Francesco Turrisi - keyboards, percussion; Dave Redmond - double bass; Phil Macmullan - drums.

Esosa and Mudia Soul


Esosa leads this vocal a cappella trio with African drum, performing original compositions as well as traditional African and a few well known Irish songs too. Esosa, Justine and Rilwon met through a love of rich Gospel sounds – soulful and harmonious. The group performs songs in English and a variety of African languages – some native to the singers and some they have picked up along the way. They infuse their love of soul music into their arrangements with dynamic vocals taking turns featuring or creating ambience and texture through layered backing vocals, supported by the rhythmic sounds of the African drum.

The singers perform with passion and an unfiltered love of singing and being on stage.

Esosa and Mudia Soul
Esosa and Mudia Soul
Esosa and Mudia Soul