Intercultural Storytelling

LANGUAGE English B1 upward
AGE 18+
WHEN Sun 3rd March - 3 pm
1 h

Intercultural storytelling

Intercultural Storytelling is a fun, simple and rewarding way of meeting and making friends from different cultures by sharing stories of your lives. With your story-partners, you will share and co-write your life experiences and cultural knowledge into stories which foster greater intercultural understanding.



Intercultural Language Service seeks to promote social inclusion for newer community members through community-based Language and (inter) cultural training, and to foster social cohesion in the communities and areas of Dublin City where New-Irish reside through intercultural encounters, activities and events.

Intercultural Language Service sees diversity as a golden opportunity for personal and inter-community development, not a challenge. Intercultural Language Service sees integration as a two-way conversation between equals.

ILS began life in 2016 as part of the Welcome Europe initiative to look after migrants moving to or living in Ireland regarding English language and social orientation and inclusion. Since then they have helped over 200 people to survive and thrive in their new home in Ireland. They have provided, with the help of our fantastic volunteers, over 200,000 hours of language and social training. ISL offers a safe, social and welcoming space to help build English language and confidence for those most in need, and those without proper access to our social networks in Ireland.