Farah Elle + Kiruu

LANGUAGE various
WHEN Sun 3rd March - 4.30 pm
1 h

Farah Elle

Farah Elle

Farah El Neihum, known as ‘Farah Elle’, is a singer-songwriter, whose distinctive
music reveals something of the beauty in the ephemeral every day. Farah has
eclectic influences, including Arabian echoes from her Libyan background.
Based in Dublin, she moved to Ireland with her family as a child.
Her ethos as an artist is to spread positivity, empathy, creativity, wellbeing, and growth in our society. Farah also runs creative coaching classes and programs using music, poetry and

movement to improve self-expression, performance anxiety, integration, and
well-being. Elle performs a combination of solo & full band shows regularly.
Some of her other work and collaborations, such as “Oh Honey”, a feature with American Hip-hop group CunninLynguists, and “Feel It Out” (a collaboration track with BANTUM), are also available on Spotify.


Kieran Kiruu

Kiruu is a multi-instrumentalist and singer of Irish -English origins whose eclectic sound has been formed with influence from his East African upbringing and European roots (Ireland/UK/Spain). His music is interactive and his sound varies from slow indie to stomping swing and everything in between, sung in different languages (English, Swahili, Spanish and French).