Chinese hand puppets show workshop

AGE 7-12
WHEN Sat 2nd March 2019 - 5.15pm in English
45 min
GET YOUR TICKETS HERE (make sure to pick the 5.15 workshop for English. 4 pm is in Mandarin Chinese) 

Chinese hand puppets show workshop - Evan FurlongChinese hand puppets are also known as glove puppets. However, its Chinese is 布袋戲 Bùdài xì which literary means “cloth bag show”. Since its first appearance over 2,000 years ago, Chinese puppet theatre has developed into many genres: rod puppets, string puppets, glove puppets and shadow puppets. In Taiwan, puppet theatre developed to television puppet theatre. Taiwan now has a 24-hour puppet theatre channel, and the largest puppet film studio in the world can be found in southern Taiwan (East-West Center Gallery, Honolulu). These puppets are colourful, easy for children to master and is one of pupils’ favourite performing choice at Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese. The index finger is the head where the thumb would be controlling one arm, so the other three fingers act as another arm. The workshop will be showing them a few simple tricks such as walking, running, fighting, play rock, scissors & paper and act as puppets. For non-native children, they can learn a few simple sentences in groups and film themselves to create a short puppet show. The story can be creatives or scripted for the native children.

Eva Furlong

Evan Furlong moved to the cold emerald isle from exotic Taiwan in the year 2000 and is raising two multilingual children in Ireland since 2005.  Evan attended the University College Dublin for her M Ed. and she is the principal of Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese and has been teaching Mandarin Chinese to both primary and post-primary schools since 2008.  
Many would know raising multilingual children isn't smooth sailing; despite much research to show the benefits of giving the gift of languages from an early age, many parents give up.
She hopes to promote multilingualism and encourage more families by working with organisations such as Mother Tongues.

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