Chinese Calligraphy 書法

AGE 7+
WHEN Sunday 3rd March 2019, 2 - 4 pm
WHERE Civic Theatre
drop in, no booking required

Chinese Calligraphy 書法Chinese and Japanese (Shodo) calligraphy share a similar history and tradition.
Calligraphy is not only a system of aesthetic writing expressed with brush and ink, but it is also regarded as an art form.  “One of the most appealing aspects of calligraphy is its meditative quality: You can reflect on yourself and feel a sense of serenity as you practice”.  Evan Furlong, the principal of Dublin of Mandarin Chinese will be demonstrating the art of calligraphy, will write your name in Chinese and be running a drop in experience session at the festival.


中日書法和書道有著類似的曆史和傳統。書法不僅是用筆和墨水表達的美學,也被視爲一種藝術形式。“書法最吸引人的地方就是它能讓人沉思:你可以反省自己,並在練習時感受到內心的平靜”。都柏林中文學校校長Evan Furlong將展示書法藝術,為您寫中文名字,並在活動中邀請大家體驗書法的美。

Eva Furlong

Evan Furlong moved to the cold emerald isle from exotic Taiwan in the year 2000 and is raising two multilingual children in Ireland since 2005.  Evan attended the University College Dublin for her M Ed. and she is the principal of Dublin School of Mandarin Chinese and has been teaching Mandarin Chinese to both primary and post-primary schools since 2008.  
Many would know raising multilingual children isn't smooth sailing; despite much research to show the benefits of giving the gift of languages from an early age, many parents give up.
She hopes to promote multilingualism and encourage more families by working with organisations such as Mother Tongues.