Arabic language workshop

LANGUAGE English, Arabic
AGE 12+
WHEN Sat 2nd March - 2 pm
WHERE Civic Theatre
1 h
FREE EVENT - Booking advised. Get your ticket HERE

Arabic language workshop

The Arabic language has been spoken for over 1000 years and one of the most spoken languages nowadays.
This interactive workshop immerses the visitors into a variety of interesting aspects of the language. Starting from the basics of Arabic, the audience will learn common Arabic words useful for daily use and have an overview of how Arabic has influenced other languages, including English, and vice versa.  
Then, a bit of challenge will be added trying to interpret the meanings of some Arabic sayings. The venue will be decorated with beautiful Arabic calligraphy.  



The workshop is run by Saudi Volunteer Team In Ireland (One4All)

Members: volunteers mainly Scholarship Saudi students from different academic backgrounds in Ireland, from medical RCSI students to PhD graduates, who utilise their skills and experiences to improve & support many individuals in our society through a variety of volunteering projects.

The Saudi Volunteer Team In Ireland is a non-profit team whose mission is to add meaningful value to Irish society via different volunteering opportunities. They thrive to engage with the public audience in several events.