Abhinaya-Bollywood Dance Workshop

LANGUAGE Hindi, English
AGE adults and teens
WHEN Sun 3rd March - 12 noon

Abhinaya (Guneet & Dhanashree - Indance Ireland)

This dance workshop aims to give a flavour of the Bollywood style of Indian dancing made famous by the colourful Bollywood film industry.
Bollywood is a fun-filled and vibrant dance form combining fast hand and foot movements with facial expressions and drama.
The workshop will cater to all levels of dancers from absolute beginners to advanced dancers.


bollywood dance - Hindi

Abhinaya (Guneet & Dhanashree - Indance Ireland)

Abhinaya was started as an attempt to share the passion for Indian dancing with anyone who is keen to learn. For those of you who aren't familiar with Indian languages, simply put, 'Abhinaya' translates to 'expression'. In most Indian classical dances, this would relate to the facial expressions that the artist performs while on stage in between bursts of high-intensity pure dancing.

Guneet & Dhanashree, however, decided on this name for their classes because that is how they perceive dancing, a medium to express themselves. The style of dance, the level of the dancer or the scale of the performance don't matter if the dance lets you express yourself freely.