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Past editions

Mother Tongues Festival 2023

16-18 February 2023, Tallaght

2023 Programme

Building Community through Creative Multilingualism

Roundtable discussion (Opening event)

Songs and stories from Congo

7-10 years old - English/Lingala


All ages

Step & Story

7+ years old - English/Brazilian Portuguese

Forging Stories & IMLYA

6-9 years old - FREE - English/Romanian


All ages - English/Japanese

Ta Tum Tum! Warsztat Muzyczny

3-6 years old - FREE - Polish

You Are the Artist!

3-6 years old - FREE - English

Magical Treasures

3-6 years old - FREE - English/Hungarian

Words Work

Creative development workshops

Mother Tongues Festival

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Mother Tongues Festival 2021

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