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The best is yet to come…

The best is yet to come...

The festival is well underway and we hope that you have been enjoying it so far. If you’ve missed some events, you’ll be excited to know that the best is still yet to come! As we celebrate World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, we’ve jam-packed the next few days with even more events to look forward to!

The Mother Tongues Festival is so delighted to be working with over 40 artists from all over Ireland (and beyond!) and a range of sponsors who have helped us to make the 2021 Festival every bit as exciting and enjoyable as it is. From the Walk a While audio walks, schools programmes and online exhibitions, to the online music performances and workshops, you’re invited to enjoy the festival programme from wherever you are in the world.

Here are some exciting events you haven’t missed out on yet.

Changing the narrative: the power of language and media to promote societal change

Mon, May 24 2021 at 3 pm

Language is one of the most creative tools at our disposal. We can use language to build peace and reconciliation, to create inclusive environments and celebrate diverse identities, but also to spread hate and division. How can we as citizens promote positive change in our society and counteract hate and division?
With ISL interpreting, this panel, chaired by Joy-Tendai Kangere, will bring together Hazel Chu, Lord Mayor of Dublin, linguist Federico Faloppa, Associate Professor in Italian Studies and Linguistics at the University of Reading, and Zbyszek Zalinski, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at RTE.

Unspoken Tongue

20-22 May, Tallaght, Belgard Square

Artists Hina Khan and Tomasz Madajczak will engage in a durational written word performance and public performance. The artists are going to write in their native tongues, creating a word art expression. The work will consist of a stream of consciousness, elements of poetry in the artists’ native languages (Polish and Urdu), and the process will be open to public engagement. You will be welcome to take part in the performance by engaging in the writing process, or by influencing the creative process with your presence and interaction. The artists will start writing every day around 10.30 am and finish in the late afternoon. Come around to watch or to participate in a public yet intimate linguistic exchange!

Can you see it, Can you feel it, it’s all in the Air

Premiere: May 21st, 8pm

The world turned upside down, the rule book ripped up. The Deaf Performance Group entered a dream-time. In this 5-minute piece we celebrate the beauty of the ISL (Irish Sign Language). Lorraine Creed, Fiona Ennis, Alvean Jones, Sandra Kennedy, Ann O’Neill and Lianne Quigley came together to explore Irish Deaf Women’s history and contemporary creativity. We set out to dream, to imagine and to create.
Edited by Amanda Coogan with an original score by Áine Fay, this work was supported by the Irish Deaf Society. SET YOUR REMINDER!

Afro-Brazilian dance & culture connections

Sun, 23 May 2021 at 4 pm

Go Dance for Change is proud to present to the Mother Tongues Festival the Afro-Brazilian Dance dance & culture connections workshop. This session introduces African dances developed as personal & artistic expression in areas where the African diaspora settled. Many rhythms & dances were created from these roots – movements that still echo the strength, culture, resilience and beauty of African communities.
It is led by Alessandra Azevedo, a dance facilitator based in Ireland and the first woman to teach Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian Martial Art) in Dublin.

Japanese puppet show

Sat, 22 May 2021 at 10 am

There are many old local folk tales in Japan, similar to the ancient Irish myths we hear to date. The stories that Japanese people passed from generation to generation will be told by Tamao Oka as part of the Japanese Puppet Show. In the tales, seasonal songs and crafts will be incorporated throughout, bringing the characters to life.

A huge thank you to our partners, funders, patrons, friends, artists and audiences for your ongoing support. The festival has adopted all three ways to engage with events to make sure there’s something for everyone – outdoors, at home, and through online discussions.  All activity will be within Government guidelines and the health and safety of our artists and audiences remains paramount.

Have you enjoyed the festival so far?  Share your experience with us by filling in our survey so we can make the Mother Tongues Festival 2o22 bigger and better.

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