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Refugee voices

Refugee Week will take place this month between 15th and 21st June.

We are delighted to be able to offer a free Refugee Voices session, in partnership with NaTakallam on 18th June at 8pm, as part of Refugee Week. In this session, you will meet a conversation partner who will share their story and introduce the group to their language and culture.   

Thanks to NaTakallam and Ben&Jerry, this session will be free to Mother Tongues, so please book your spot quickly by emailing
NaTakallam (“we speak” in Arabic) is an award-winning, woman-founded, social enterprise that delivers high-quality, impactful language, translation and cultural exchange services, by vetted and highly-skilled refugees and displaced persons worldwide.
NaTakallam’s Conversation Partners receive a much-needed income, new marketable skills, purpose, and re-gained dignity. Their Refugee Voices Series is a virtual cultural and language exchange sessions, available in English, Arabic, Persian, or Spanish, which provides insights into the lives of refugees and displaced individuals from the Middle East and Latin America. Each session includes engaging conversations about a displaced individual’s personal story and discussions about real-world issues.

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