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Mother Tongues Connections. Meet Kate Higham

Mother Tongues Connections

Meet Kate Higham
Kate Higham

A Freelance Content Writer & owner of CopyKate living in Dublin with my fiancé and extensive mug collection.

How would you describe your last year in a nutshell?

Whirlwind! Chaotic! Unpredictable! All words that instantly spring to mind. This time last year I was gearing up to launch my first business CopyKate and had no idea what the year would bring. It’s been an incredible year with a lot of highs and a lot of lows. Right now it feels like we are literally living out some very far-fetched drama movie or novel which is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time!

What is the role of art in your life right now?

Art is keeping me sane right now! I’m finding it so hard to make sense of anything at the moment and I think art provides a welcome escape from that. You don’t need to make sense of it. It just is.

What projects are you working on right now?

While writing is my job day-to-day, I’ve challenged myself to start writing for pleasure again. The book my family has been nagging for me to write since I was a child might finally come to fruition this year!

How did Covid-19 affect your work and your lifestyle?

As a freelancer who works from home as the “norm”, I’m very lucky to say that my day-to-day work life hasn’t changed too much. However, in terms of my industry- things have definitely been impacted. Nobody is an expert in marketing during a pandemic so learning how to pivot, change tactics and support my clients in navigating this new landscape has been an interesting challenge. On a personal level, I’ve come across a very unexpected plot twist. For my entire life, I have labelled myself as an introvert and now that I literally cannot see anybody, I’m craving social interactions!

Do you think the current pandemic has changed you? If so, in what way?

It has definitely changed the way I approach things. Before the pandemic, I was a little obsessed with ticking things off my list and getting things done fast and efficiently. I’ve now been forced to slow down a little.

what is the biggest challenge for the creative sector right now?

Aside from the obvious financial challenges, I think it’s trying to remain motivated, creatively inspired and feel relevant. We are hearing a lot now about essential businesses and it does make you think about how you fit in. I think there is an opportunity for creatives to really shine. People are craving connection now more than ever and I think artists are aptly positioned to provide that.

What do you look forward to the most right now?

(In no particular order) I cannot wait to see my family, pet a stranger’s dog, buy an overpriced coffee, visit my local library, watch a movie away from my couch, wander aimlessly- just because!

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