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Mother Tongues Festival awarded the European Year of Cultural Heritage label

We are delighted to have been awarded the European Year of Cultural Heritage label!

European Yeacar of Cultural Heritage, Mother Tongues, Mother Tongues Dublin, multilingualism, rising bilingual children Dublin, bilingualism, Dublin2018 has been designated as the European Year of Cultural Heritage by the European Commission.
The initiative is designed to be truly European, with activities taking place at all levels: European, national, regional and local.
The Year aims to involve all citizens in events that help to promote a sense of belonging to a common European space.

Heritage is our cultural identity, values and traditions that we have inherited from previous generations, live with today, and pass on to future generations.
It includes buildings, monuments, historical and archaeological sites, museum objects, our customs, sports, language, music, dance, folklore, crafts and skills, and natural heritage, such as landscapes, wildlife habitats and biodiversity.

In Ireland, the Heritage Council – the statutory body charged with promoting, educating and encouraging enjoyment in Ireland’s national heritage – is coordinating the European Year of Cultural Heritage. It will coordinate and promote a national programme of European Year of Cultural Heritage events and other activities.

The theme for the Year in Ireland is ‘Make a Connection’. This theme aims to deepen the connection between people and heritage and build a legacy of increased public engagement.


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